Our Mission


There's No Place Like Home is sponsored by Information for Families, Inc., with long-standing dedication to service to homeless families.

Information for Families, Inc. has been publishing the newsletter How...When...Where and distributing it free of charge to residents of New York City family shelters for 25 years.

The aim of the work, and of this site, is to help the most vulnerable of New York City's families:

By giving families who are homeless or formerly homeless, and families in danger of losing their homes, the information that will enable them to find resources and build a more secure and independent life.

By enabling communities, social scientists, and service providers to share information and concerns so they may better serve these families.

The mission of Information for Families, Inc. is to encourage and empower homeless families to succeed as they make their way through the city's shelter system and on to apartments of their own in new communities. We do this by providing the information they need and encouraging them with stories of other families in similar situations. We also work to provide information to the professionals and staff of shelters and agencies to better serve these families. We aim to do this mainly through the publication of our free, monthly bilingual newsletter HOW..WHEN..WHERE and this site There's No Place Like Home.